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Savour summer with our madeleines in enchanting flavours: Apricot-Lavender, Blueberry-Violet, Raspberry-Rose, Lemon-Thyme, Strawberry-Mint. Refreshing delights not to be missed!


Summer Madeleines

Let yourself be transported to summer flavours with our delicious summer madeleines. Each bite is an explosion of refreshing, harmonious flavours. Discover our irresistible Apricot-Lavender, where the sweetness of apricot blends with the subtlety of lavender. Dive into the incredible combination of Blueberry-Violet, where the richness of blueberries meets the elegance of violets. And don't miss our must-try Raspberry-Rose, where the sweet flavour of raspberry blends with the delicate aroma of rose. For lovers of contrasts, our Lemon-Thyme offers the lively acidity of lemon softened by the herbaceous notes of thyme. Finally, our irresistible Strawberry-Mint will surprise you with the fresh, fruity combination of strawberry and the invigorating freshness of mint. Our summer madeleines are the perfect match for your gourmet moments under the sun.